95% of website shoppers leave without ever converting into sales, this leaves you with lost opportunities everyday! Our automated technology identifies your website’s lost shoppers, and the items they are interested in. This allows us to build a marketing audience for you to advertise to, whether we provide just the data, or we provide the data and deliver the ads. 

We will set specific criteria for website shoppers to meet before they are added to your audience. This ensures that you only pay for data that exactly meets the profile you are looking for.

How we Identify Your shoppers:

A unique Pixel is Generated and added to your website, that will capture visitor information.

We identify visitors and provide Name, street Address, and opt-in emails. (Additional data options are available.)

Data can be provided as a Standalone product to best suite your needs via our secure dashboard.

Additionally, we can offer Ad Automation. Our system will reach your visitors by email, social, display and direct mail.

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