Shopper ID Pixel Identifies anonymous visitors on your website and turns them into identified shoppers.

Your Shopper Audience is built in real time using custom tailored filters to ensure only those in market are advertised to.


Shopper ID does not use Third Party Cookies or IP Retargeting

Real Time AD Content is sent to your shoppers featuring the items they show interest in via Email, Social Media and Display Ads over a 30 days.

All Leads are displayed in your easy-to-use Dashboard

Dashboard Features

  • Shopper Information
  • Shopper Journey
  • Ad Received
  • Sales Matches

Program Features

  • Shopper ID Pixel
  • Dynamic Ad Creative
  • HTML Setup
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Real Time Data Dashboard
  • Monthly ROI Reports
  • Lead Name, Address, Email, Age Range, Vehicle Data
  • 3 Emails To Each Lead
  • 30 Days of Social media ads, and Display ads