Traffic Versus Response Rates: Setting and Pursuing the Right Goals for Profit

In developing your email marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you understand what really makes a difference in your bottom line. An incredibly broad campaign, reaching a huge number of prospects, is often – perhaps even usually! – a waste of time and resources compared to the alternatives. There are a few reasons why auto dealer email marketing and most other forms of email marketing should pursue response rate improvements over more traffic.

First and foremost, you should consider the value of a given prospect. A person who could, in theory, buy a car, versus a person who is eager to buy one soon and is likely to choose your business as their dealership – it’s easy to understand which your sales agents should be spending time on. Without the right tools and approach, these two individuals might be indistinguishable until you’ve committed effort.

Another point to consider is branding. A company that sends generic emails to everyone in a city may develop some name recognition, but is it recognition with any value? Instead, it’s far better to only send your message to people likely to appreciate it – all the better if you use your understanding of these people to further tailor the message to appeal.

By taking the time to emphasize high response rates as a goal, you thus nurture relationships rather than sales, which will, in turn, give you a better reputation, foster positive word of mouth with few naysayers, and maximize the way you use your sales agents.

By contrast, a high-traffic approach will annoy many prospects, who will share their opinion that you’re annoying with their friends, family, and acquaintances. You might catch the occasional highly-primed individual, but if it turns out your sale wasn’t a good fit for that person, you’ll face buyer’s remorse and all the waste and headache associated with that phenomenon.

Overall, it’s easy to understand why savvy dealerships emphasize data-driven, targeted email marketing over massive email blasts. As your resources grow, you can certainly expand to capture new traffic – but you’ll be doing so with the right tools to maintain a high response rate and maintain a healthy, successful brand.

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