Top 5 Reasons Prospects Send Emails to the Spam Folder

It should be no surprise that some of the savviest minds in marketing have carefully researched what exactly leads a prospect to hit that “Junk” or “Spam” button when looking at an email. Considering the risks associated with being flagged consistently with such markers, not to mention the impact it has on your response rate, it’s crucial that you understand these five problems—and avoid them in your automotive email marketing.

1. Didn’t sign up to receive e-mails

This is an obvious one—people mark spam as spam. Remember, B2C cold prospect email marketing is pretty much a dead idea—chances are you’re going to run into spam prevention laws with it, you’re going to annoy the recipient, or you’re going to get in trouble with the email hosts. That’s why it’s critical that you get permission to send emails—and make it CLEAR who you are in your emails, so they remember that they signed up.

2. Lack of interest

This is a shocker to some, but nearly half of all pushes of that spam button come because the recipient didn’t care about the email. They didn’t really think it was spam, but it wasn’t something they wanted to read and so that button got pushed. This is why it’s crucial that any email marketing campaign thinks carefully about the content it pushes—and who it pushes content to. Segmenting your prospects and sending them appropriately tailored messages is crucial to success.

3. Too much email from the sender

If you’re pursuing an aggressive email marketing campaign, make sure you’re targeting the right prospect for that approach. One person’s ‘too much’ is another person’s ‘too little’, so figure out who wants what schedule and act appropriately.

4. Too much from email from senders in general

This is one you can’t really control, unfortunately. Just make sure you’re interesting and controlled enough in your approach that when they start hitting that junk button, you avoid the cull.

5. Offensive email

It can be tricky to figure out what certain prospects will find offensive in their advertising—but that’s part of the reason you want to segment and send emails to the right groups. Understand your prospects and their associated buyer personas and you won’t fall into this problem.

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