Dave Laurain


16 years focused on Digital and Marketing Applications that support Automotive Dealerships throughout the USA.  “We come to work every day with one goal in mind-to help our customers grow through the Marketing Applications we provide.”

Contact Dave at dave@dealercontrols.com

Sean Joyce

Vice President, CTO

24 years experience in technology and management, first catching the itch as an Intelligence Analyst in the Army.  Several years in web development, systems admin, and management were followed by a few years as IT director and Business Development manager for a large automotive group.  Recognizing the inherent value, I live for the opportunity to leverage technology into greater revenue and profits for our customers.

Contact Sean at sean@dealercontrols.com

Kyle Christensen

Production Manager

With over 10 years in sales, service, and inventory management, I have developed the ability to provide great customer service, consistent communication, and strong attention to detail. Growing up on the water has taught me that a day’s hard work can pay off with some big fish. I am here to help you venture into those uncharted waters so that you can bring in your own fish!

Contact Kyle at kyle@dealercontrols.com

Rob Frease

Creative Director

I have always been the creative type, drawing my favorite comic book characters when I was a young kid and illustrating and painting as I became older. I graduated St Petersburg College with a degree in Graphic design and have been working in the marketing field for over 12 years. I learned early on in my career that the future was web design and coding. I enjoy the challenge of making my designs work on the web and pride myself on being a graphic designer and a web developer.

Contact Rob at rob@dealercontrols.com

Kimberly Farrugia

Senior Designer

Born and raised in NYC I was cultivated in an artistic surrounding, encircled by vibrant signs and brilliant presentations of ordinary things. When I was old enough to be able to pick up a crayon and scribble on the walls, I was constantly drawing. Once I became old enough to read I wondered who made those intense pieces of art that painted the city; and that is what I wanted to be when I grew up – a graphic designer. I started drawing on the computer when I was about 7 years old using a mouse and Paint Bucket (man that was a long time ago). When it came time to select a major in college, I knew exactly what I would pick, graphic design. My greatest passion in life is my 1968 Pontiac Firebird; to me it’s a work of art just like the designs I create on a daily basis. Each piece I do to me is personal even if it’s as simple as a soap ad, I give it the time and attention to be something memorable.

Matt Haff

Production Coordinator

I joined the VCI team in 2014 and my main area of focus here is assisting with production and data management. I have always been a very tech savvy person, which has led me peruse a degree in IT security. Past experience in the automotive industry and customer service have definitely assisted me with automotive marketing.