Key Control Systems

About KeyVault

KeyVault is one of the most advanced key control systems available today. Designed to give dealerships the ability to maintain accountability of keys at all times, we combine extensive reporting features with the latest software to create verifiable audit trails and a level of key control that is unmatched.

How KeyVault Works


Key Tag                    Fingerprint Reader                    Label Printer

Your keys are secured and tracked by attaching them to key tags that are stored inside the KeyVault drawer. Users gain access to the system by Username and Password or Biometric Fingerprint Reader.

Additional Features:

Additional security features can be defined to provide an even greater level of security. Other features include Drawer Lockout by user, system access alerts and remote access which can monitor system activity. Several reports provide management with the ability to view daily usage of the KeyVault System.

DMS Integration

KeyVault offers several different DMS integration options for various systems in the current marketplace. With specific software packages designed for ERA and POWER, along with eSync which can interface to any other DMS or third party system, KeyVault delivers complete integration with a dealership’s current system.


KeyVault’s eSync software provides sales representatives access to a vehicle as soon as it is in the DMS. The eSync software automatically retrieves new vehicle data from the DMS system. If a user has a vehicle’s stock number, they can enter it into the KeyVault system and electronically import the information such as make, model, year, color and VIN.

The software also provides nightly batch exports from the DMS. Prospect and user information can also be exported from the KeyVault system to the DMS using eSync. KeyVault’s eSync software eliminates the need to manually reenter the information into the KeyVault system, reducing the possibility of human error and improving efficiency.

The eSync product supports multiple servers including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturer and DMS servers. The eSync software is also customizable to a dealership’s needs, providing multiple import and export features between the KeyVault system and the DMS server.

ERA Integration

KeyVault offers a software interface that integrates with Reynolds and Reynolds ERA System, allowing vehicle and user information to be imported from ERA into the KeyVault System.

This integration creates a direct interface which helps dealerships save time entering information into both systems, as well as keeping previously entered information current. After information on a vehicle is entered into the ERA System, simply entering the stock number in the KeyVault system will pull up vehicle details and then a key can easily be added to the system.

POWER Integration

KeyVault also offers a direct interface between Reynolds and Reynolds POWER System. Same as ERA Integration, POWER Integration bridges the two systems to save time entering information and keeping information current. Once a new vehicle is added to the dealership’s POWER System, entering the stock number into the KeyVault system will pull up all the vehicle’s information for a new key to be added, saving time and also reducing risk of incorrect information being entered.

Text Message & Email Notifications

The KeyVault software features instant text message and email notifications for a variety of system changes and reports. Automation is the key to this feature, as all overdue key notifications and reports are automatically sent to the specified recipients.

Exclusive to the KeyVault system is the ability for instant text message notifications for overdue key checkout time.

Instant text notifications can be sent to management’s cell phones or emailed for quick attention to an overdue key. While the daily or weekly email reports can be reviewed post-transaction, the instant text message of an overdue key allows management to quickly address user’s time and accountability.

Each transaction is entered into the Key Activity Report which management can receive via email daily, weekly, or monthly. The report can address keys that have been checked out beyond allotted time, users that removed a key without authorization, and many other specified system transactions.

Management can also instantly notify a single or group of system users letting them know of events, issues, hour changes, etc. all from the manager’s desk. Group notifications can be sent to recipients’ cell phone, email inbox, or as a pop-up the next time the user logs into the KeyVault machine.

Web Management

KeyVault utilizes web-based technology that allows users to access computers at multiple locations, e-mail reports and view the system remotely. KeyVault is a pioneer in this area, having offered web management from the beginning, and providing a proven, secure product.

Touchscreen Monitor

The KeyVault Touchscreen Monitor puts access to the system right at the users’ finger tips. Employees can effortlessly navigate through the different functions of the software and quickly check out keys or plates, giving them more face-time with customers.

Combined with a fingerprint reader, KeyVault users can navigate the system without the use of a keyboard or mouse, saving time and making your people more efficient.