How to Keep Your Automotive Email Marketing Fresh

Marketing is all about staying relevant and fresh. So when it comes to your email campaign, the same must hold true. It is surprisingly easy to fall into a dull routine of sending out similar emails, just with slightly different headlines or reworded posts. But that is not going to generate interest in returning to your website or dealership. In order to keep customers returning to you, you need to keep your email marketing fresh. Here are a few tips to follow in order to do exactly that.

Change with the seasons

With your automotive email marketing campaign, you need to keep with the seasons. Base your content off of seasonal changes, ranging from changing tyres to winterizing your vehicle. While this is based on what kind of services you provide, auto dealer email marketing will prove more financial beneficial if you show how the new season may affect a driver’s vehicle and how you can correct this problem.

Current affairs

Just because you are an auto dealership doesn’t mean you can’t stay topical. Now, you shouldn’t involve politics and you do need to stay neutral on just about everything (as to not alienate some customers). However, maybe the local high school team is playing for the state title or you want to offer a deal based on the NBA team achieving something new. If you stay connected to current affairs (especially locally based) you’ll keep your email marketing fresh.

Make it feel exclusive

People like to feel special. This is something that doesn’t change from childhood into adulthood. The only difference is as someone grows older they receive it less and less frequently. You need to make the recipient of the email feel special. Perhaps offer a deal that is only available to those who receive the email, or to those who have purchased a specific vehicle or service in the past. That exclusive nature of the email makes it feel like they are getting a deal that others are not privy to.

By keeping your email marketing campaign fresh and new, you’ll keep customers clicking on the emails you send.