circles-overlap-customers-every-monthYou could very well be sitting on a goldmine and just not realize it. When handled properly, your CRM Un-Sold Customers and DMS database Customers are invaluable data sets and DEE can bring in sales that you otherwise would have missed. But simply blasting out emails to them is not the way to do it. Here is how we market to those databases and you’ll see why we call it “enhanced!”

Un-Sold CRM Customers

Did you know that, on average, Auto Dealers nationally close just 12-15% of CRM Leads.  This leaves 83-85% of customers that still may be in the market for a vehicle.  We never want to second guess these potential buyers and assume they bought from your competition.  For many, something has changed in their life style and even though they were an active lead they stopped.  The proprietary DEE process will help reactivate the Un-Sold CRM Leads and see if they are ready to purchase now and if not, when!  This gives you sale opportunities today and in the future.


We start with the data. Just because a customer gave you some basic information and an email address does not mean the data is workable or the email is deliverable. Whether it came from a person to person contact or from an online form, many emails are entered incorrectly and need to be repaired or removed because they have been discontinued. Using our vast database of over 150+ million records along with two additional hygiene processes, we will identify records with a high propensity to be deliver.  Further, can use just bits of the data sets to append, reverse append, NCOA and even append to the vehicle they are driving today.  DEE Process makes un-marketable data-marketable giving you the best chance for a sale and or service appointment today and in the future.

Channel Preferences

On average, we have found that only about 60% of your list is valid by the time we are done cleaning it. Rather than just sending to what is left, we fill in the gaps with additional email addresses from our database. The addresses we add are based on the high performing addresses in your current database and how they prefer to receive their marketing messages.


Our design team creates an email template based on the data we have from our final list, along with what information we are able to gather about the customers. Not only do we know what converts and what doesn’t but we make sure it looks good on all types of devices from Mobile to Desktop.

Follow Up

Once the e-mail has been sent, we begin the follow up process. This is where the magic happens. We have an array of different types of follow ups from creative email autoresponders to automated calls and phone messages to direct mail pieces. All to make sure that the prospective buyer is receiving the campaign in the format they want and ultimately converting into leads.

There is a lot more to it than we can describe on a website. The best thing to do would be to contact us so we can sit down and discuss what we can do to start mining for gold within your current database!

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