In Market Shopper
Using Predictive Analytics for Buyer Detection

Thousands of people visit your dealership’s website each and every month. They search through new and used inventory. They browse your Specials and spend time looking at your Service and Parts pages. While you can review your analytics and see where these people are going within your website, who they actually are is a mystery. Until now.  We can identify the Shy Shopper who does not fill in a Web-Lead Form

With advances in Collection Codes that get placed on dealer websites and targeted email marketing campaigns, we can match those visitors to our database, uncover who they are and see repeat visits along with their shopping behavior. We call it Buyer Detection-NO LEAD FROM NECESSARY. We can tell you who is shopping and in many cases what they own currently!

For more information on our Buyer Detection program and how it could potentially increase sales at your dealership, please contact us for a free review.

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