5 Ways to Segment Your Prospects for Auto Dealer Email Marketing

Segmenting is crucial for email marketing, especially as customers become more wary and less receptive to traditional approaches. Here are the five key ways modern marketers look at prospects and how those segments might work for your needs as a dealership:

1. Geography

Separating your targets by their physical location remains one of the easiest approaches to segmentation, but that ease also means it’s relatively ineffective; it’s better than sending the same message to every person in every location, but there are far more effective factors to consider when personalizing your email content. If you lack all other data, make sure you leverage this, but don’t rely upon it as the core of your system.

2. Demographics

The first thing that springs to mind for most marketers considering segmentation, this is still relevant but hardly the silver bullet of marketing. This encompasses your basic personal data; age, marital status, sex, social class and so on. Categories such as yuppy or WASP are demographic segments. These work well if you can’t go any deeper on your data, but it’s still just an entry point.

3 Generation

This overlaps quite a bit with demographics, but is worth mentioning nonetheless. When you start talking about Millennials and Gen X, that’s generational segments. For auto dealers, this is a good place to look when considering how you’re going to brand and what features you’re going to emphasize.

4. Behavior

This is one of the holy grails of modern market segmentation—if you can get the data for behavioral segmentation, use it. This is segmenting your market based on what they do—how they use your site, where they go on the internet, what they click or don’t click, what they download or ignore. You need a robust analytics program and some contact with the prospect to make this work, but once you have that you’ll get amazing results through behavioral segmentation.

5. Lifestyle

A bit easier to get data on than behavior, but still very potent, lifestyle segmentation is segmentation based on hobbies, politics, and similar factors. You can learn a lot of this from public sources such as social media, which means you can automate a lot of it with the right tools quite easily. People with an interest in boating, for example, might be more receptive to marketing about trucks capable of towing a boat.

If you’d like to learn more about the intricacies of modern email marketing and what you can do to generate more and better automotive leads, contact us today to inquire.