4 Key Factors When Assessing Auto Dealer Email Marketing

It’s one thing to put an email marketing campaign into place for your dealership, but how do you assess its success? There are several important factors you should be looking at. Where you’re strong and where you’re weak will tell you how well the campaign is working, and what you should be focusing on improving. The factors of note in auto dealer email marketing are:

1) Open Rate

The rate at which recipients actually open your email. If you’re not getting good numbers here, it’s because your headlines are weak or you’re sending messages to uninterested people. Very low open rates can be very bad, as they’re often associated with spam reports and other major problems.

2) Click-Through Rates

The rate at which people who receive your emails actually click through to your site or otherwise take action. Low CTRs paired with respectable open rates mean the content of your emails isn’t up to par. Maybe you’re pushing for too big an action for the prospect, or you’re not making a good enough argument for it. Maybe the email is boring or doesn’t work on their device. There are a lot of problems that can impact click-through rate.

3) Lead Value

A lot of people know to look at open rates and click-through rates, but don’t ask themselves about one of the most crucial factors of any marketing campaign: how valuable are the leads being brought in? Two campaigns with identical open rates and click-through rates can produce wildly different leads. With good targeting of prospects, tailored campaigns for the market segment, and the right CTAs, you can produce leads that are immensely valuable. This should be a high priority, as it allows your sales team to focus on people who are actually likely to buy.

4) Brand Perception

Your auto dealer email marketing campaign is going to affect how people think of your dealership. Make sure your emails, whatever else they do, don’t harm or dilute your brand. You want people to think positively about your company, even if they ultimately don’t click through. If you’re perceived as spam, it’s going to be very bad for your bottom line in the long term, even if sales go up in the short term.

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