4 Factors Separating Success and Failure in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a field rife with failure, even if you exclude obviously problematic approaches such as spamming. To overcome customers’ inherent dislike of email sales and achieve the results you’re aiming for, you need to understand what makes a marketing email work and what makes it fall completely flat. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of four key factors separating good email marketing from bad, success from failure, and profit from waste.

1. Copy quality

Good marketing copy makes all the difference—from the email subject at the top to the call to action at the bottom, quality writing will pull your viewers through and drive them to take action. It only takes one or two slips along the way for a prospect to lose interest and delete your email, never to think of it again, so make sure you’re sending the write message.

2. Personalization

With modern marketing automation tools, there’s no reason not to personalize every single marketing email you send out. A good email marketing campaign, conducted with modern tools, looks at your market segments and delivers appropriately tailored messages to each prospect. It takes the right tools and skillset to make it happen, but once it does you’ll see a complete transformation in response rates.

3. Targeting

Sending your marketing emails to the right people means as much or more than what’s in them. The better targeted you can make your email blasts, the better you can personalize them and the better position you’ll be in for follow ups.

4. Device friendliness

With more people than ever before reading their email on their smartphones, tablets and other devices, it’s crucial that your marketing emails be designed for versatility and scalability. Design elements need to be considered and tested at a variety of screen sizes, to make sure you’re not throwing away good opportunities with content that doesn’t render.

If you can put together a marketing campaign that delivers in each of these areas, you’ll see the sales you’re hoping for. Fail in any one of them, and you’re leaving money on the table. Whether you handle your email marketing in-house or with the assistance of a third party, make sure these four factors are being considered and dealt with.