3 Ways to Improve Automotive Leads Conversion and Grow Your Auto Dealership

The marketing side of your auto dealership business can be confusing and intimidating. When you want to grow your auto business, how do you convert leads? Visitors to your online site are just like passing clouds until you turn them into customers and returning customers. Here are three ways to improve your lead conversion and watch your business take off.

1. Get them to engage

One great way to collect email addresses from site visitors is to get them to engage as soon as they land on your home page. Extend a discount offer to anyone who gives you their email address. This does two things. First, it helps you to filter out email recipients who aren’t necessarily interested in purchasing a used or new car. Second, it gives you a way to stay engaged with interested visitors. Once you have their email address, you can send them offers and driving tips that will keep your business name in their mind.

2. Go above and beyond

The joy of being able to buy a car online without the help of a knowledgeable car salesperson is far overrated. In reality, you know as well as your colleagues that deciding what car is the right one to buy can be complicated. Make the entire experience of working with you as pleasant and problem-free as possible. Highlight a list of services that you provide that your competitors don’t. When you get thankful emails, ask if you can post their testimonials front and center. Go above and beyond, and boast about it.

3. Create compelling newsletters

Once you have an email list of prospective car buyers, create compelling newsletters that will get them to open your emails and consider some of the auto purchasing deals you’re able to offer. If you’re not adept at writing, or creating irresistible headlines, hire an email marketing firm. Your newsletters should be compelling and offer actionable items that they can make use of. Let your newsletter readers dream a little about being behind the wheel of a brand new vehicle while they read your emails. Convey the fact that they can get into a new or used car on virtually any sized budget, so you connect with every financial demographic.

Your automotive email marketing campaign can be a winning proposition for both you and prospective car buyers when you implement these three tips. Contact Venture Controls Inc today for more advice about improving your leads conversion.