3 Factors Ruining Your Email Marketing Response Rates

Your email marketing response rates can be undermined by even a single flub in design, from the headline to the final call to action. With customers wary of spam marketers, you need to step up your game and present real content and real value in an easily digested format. Do it right, and you’ll see for yourself that automotive email marketing is very much alive, very much well, and very much profitable.

1. Weak copy

One of the most readily apparent and consistent mistakes seen in email marketing, weak copy will send your marketing pitch to the trash faster than anything else. Starting from the subject line and moving down, any misstep can turn a prospect off. Avoid sales-y language and blatant boasts in favor of useful information and interesting appeals. Also, keep things concise and don’t try to pull the prospect in a dozen directions at once—if you can focus on a single point and do it well, they’re far more likely to keep reading and keep caring.

2. Unresponsive design

A major flaw in many email marketing campaigns in recent years, ignoring the differences between mobile devices and traditional desktops can kill your response rate. An email that looks and functions perfectly on a desktop may be a complete debacle on mobile devices. Keep things simple and test across the most common devices before you start a campaign. With more people than ever before reading their emails on their phones and tablets, this is a mistake you can’t afford to make.

3. Lacking the personal touch

It doesn’t take much to make a prospect feel like an email is for them rather than a generic spiel. The better your marketing automation solutions are, the more effectively and efficiently you can personalize them, and the better your response rates will be. Leverage appropriate tools to identify important segmentation in your prospects and deliver the right messages to the right people, and you’ll see what modern email marketing can REALLY do.

These three factors may not be the only pitfalls out there to consider in your auto dealer email marketing strategy, but they’re probably the most important ones to check. Fix these, and you’ll at the very least be giving your marketing a fair chance.